Injection Water Management

Mukul M. Sharma

Injectivity decline in water injection wells can have a large impact on the economics of offshore and onshore water disposal and waterflooding operations. Most mature oil and gas producing regions of the world currently have a ratio ofproduced water to oil in excess of 25 to 1. The disposal of produced water is, therefore, becoming an increasingly important issue in the management of produced fluids.

In offshore operations, the injection of sea water and produced water for pressure maintenance, disposal or for waterflooding is becoming more common. It is, therefore, imperative to have reliable models to predict the behavior of water injection wells.

The objective of this Joint Industry Partnership is to develop a computational tool that will allow us to determine water quality specifications and help in the design of surface facilities for water injection projects. To achieve this goal, the proposal aims at obtaining relevant laboratory data, collecting and compiling field data and incorporating this information into a comprehensive water management simulator.