Hydraulic Fracturing and Sand Control


The Hydraulic Fracturing and Sand Control project, established in 2006, consists of 29 projects (22 related to fracturing and 7 related to sand control).  Each member company contributes $50,000 per year as a grant to the University and in return receives all the research results from the projects underway.


Hydraulic Fracturing

  • F1 - Energized fractures in tight gas sands/gas shales (Sharma)
  • F2 - Fracture Placement in Multi-Well Pads (Sharma)
  • F2 - F2 - Strategies for Multiple Fracture Placement in Horizontal Wells (Sharma)
  • F3 - Proppant Placement Using Alternate-Slug Fracturing (Sharma)
  • F4 - Liquid Loading and Flow-back in Tight Rocks: Well Productivity and the Fate of Injected Frac Fluids (Sharma)
  • F5 - Improving the conductivity of Proppant packs (Sharma)
  • F6 - Re-fracturing Horizontal Wells (Sharma)
  • F10 - Next Generation Model for Growth of Complex Fracture Networks (Sharma)
  • F11 - Fracture diagnostics using EM methods (Sharma)
  • F12 - Fracture Conductivity in Shales: Shale Inhibitors for Drilling and Fracturing (Sharma)
  • F14 - Proppant Flowback (Sharma)
  • F16 - Shale Characterization (Sharma, Chenevert)
  • F17 - DFIT Analysis Revisited (Sharma, McClure)
  • F18 - Acid Fracturing Shales (Sharma)
  • F19 - Effect of Wellbore Trajectory on Horizontal Well Productivity (Sharma)
  • F20 - Interpretation of Water Hammer Pressure Transient Data for Fracture Diagnostics (Sharma)
  • F21 - Integration of Micro-Seismic Data with Geo-Mechanical Models (Sharma, McClure)
  • F22 - Proppant Placement in Complex Fracture Networks (Sharma)
  • F23 - Fluid and grain distribution in shales from NMR (Sharma, Daigle)
  • F24 - Development of a General Multiphase Geomechanical Reservoir Simulator (Sharma)
  • F25 - Geomechanical effects of chemical dissolution in calcite-rich shales (Sharma, Espinoza)

Sand Control

  • S1 - Frac-Packing Poorly Consolidated Sands (Sharma)
  • S2 - Mechanical, Failure and Flow Properties of Sands: Sand Bridge Formation (Sharma)
  • S4 - Sand Control Strategies in Water/Waste Injection Wells (Sharma)
  • S5 - Perforation and Wellbore Stability in Unconsolidated Sands (Sharma)
  • S7 - A New Method for the Design of Sand Control Screens (Sharma)
  • S8 - Sand Transport in Wellbores and Surface Facilities in Poorly Consolidated Sands (Sharma)
  • S9 - Bean-up (or flow-back) protocols for wells requiring sand control (Sharma)