Welcome to the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

Hugh Daigle Establishes New Petrophysics Lab

Dr. Hugh Daigle joined the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering this spring, and renovations were subsequently completed on his new laboratory in the basement of the CPE building. He taught Formation Evaluation this past spring and will again teach this course in the fall. We found Dr. Daigle busy in his lab and asked him to give us a description of the lab's capabilities and his plans for future research at CPGE.

The Center for Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering (CPGE) develops interdisciplinary research in petroleum and geosystems engineering as well as other areas related
to energy and the environment.

Technology transfer through training
is an important aspect of the CPGE. While faculty and researchers may work directly
with groups to provide workshops and short courses, we have several formal programs
that bring training to professionals.

Educating the educator is one of the best
ways to increase awareness and understanding of the petroleum engineering field, especially among kids and teenagers.

Our outreach programs target public audiences at a variety of venues such as schools, expositions and forums. Many of our faculty
and researchers volunteer their time
to discuss research and technology
in the energy industry with the public.

Welcome to CPGE

There is a strong link between the Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering and CPGE. More than 80% of CPGE’s principal investigators have faculty appointments in the department, and thus are committed to educating the next generation of petroleum engineering leaders. Faculty who impart knowledge about the world class research conducted at CPGE is an important aspect of the department's tradition of excellence. In addition, many of the faculty involve undergraduate and graduate students in their research programs. The department is home to the #1 petroleum engineering graduate program and the #2 petroleum and geosystems engineering undergraduate program.