STORE Outreach

View our YouTube channel with our public outreach videos, including the latest in the series: "Put it Back".

STORE has created a multi-part video series for the general public to introduce them to the idea of CO2 sequestration in a non-threatening and educational way. The second video in the series, "Put It Back", was again produced in Austin by STRIKER Communications, and reminds the general public to 'put things back where you got them', and that includes carbon dioxide emitted from the burning of fossil fuels.

The first video in the series, produced in Austin by STRIKER Communications in 2010, used the popular "man on the street" format and illustrates just how little people really know about where their energy comes from on a daily basis. Watch "What the Heck is Sequestration?"  

Recent STORE Outreach events

June 6-10 (Mon-Fri), 2011

STORE Outreach: Energy and You in the 21st Century

In partnership with the Rio Grande Valley Science Association, STORE participated in an energy workshop for 6th- to 8th-grade girls from the Rio Grande Valley area as part of the organization's Engaging Girls in Science Camp. Read about the workshop.

As part of our efforts, STORE is helping to educate the public about carbon sequestration management within the context of our energy - climate framework. Some of the areas we are trying to address are:

What is energy and how do we consume it?

How does the burning of fossil fuels release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?

How do greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, affect the temperature of the Earth?

What is carbon dioxide and where can it be found?

How are scientists pumping carbon dioxide underground to store it in rock layers and keep it out of our atmosphere?

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our outreach activities.